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Celebrating 489 Years of Conservation and Resilience

The Wolf Volcano, standing at 1710 meters tall, on Isabela Island in Galapagos offers a stunning view of nature's grandeur.

    Strong ocean currents diverted the Dominican Friar Tomas de Berlanga‘s ship from its course 489 years before, and threatened disaster. Amidst the danger, however, came a unique encounter that would change history forever. Berlanga, his crew, and the vast ocean witnessed the Galapagos Islands emerge from the deep blue. This was the start […]

The Transformative Impact of Local Agriculture in a Community

Noemí Rea's radiant smile showcases her passion for sustainable development by planting and harvesting organic produce locally.

COVID-19 taught us many lessons. One of them was the importance to be self-sufficient. Noemi, an entrepreneur and a good example of this, shows us how local farming in Galapagos improves people’s lives and contributes to environmental conservation. Role of local agriculture during pandemic Families like Noemi’s have turned to agriculture as a way to […]

New Agreement Facilitates Genetic Research to Help Save Endangered Species in Galápagos

Leaders from the Galápagos conservation community, including Jean Pierre Cadena (left), Executive Director of the Galápagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Agency, Sade Fritschi, Ecuador’s Minister of the Environment, and Washington Tapia, General Director of Galápagos Conservancy, sign genetic research agreement.

 Galapagos Conservancy signed an important new agreement on February 3, 2024 with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition. This agreement is a step forward in an initiative by the Galapagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Agency and Galapagos Conservancy, to use molecular genetic technology to aid conservation efforts on the islands. Washington Tapia, our […]

Marine Guardians Take Action for Sea Lions

Majestic guardians of the waters: two sea lions in their natural habitat.

Imagine a world devoid of the playful barks, sleek forms and graceful movements of the Galapagos Sea Lions. These charismatic and endemic creatures are important predators in marine ecosystems. These sentinels protect the balance and health of marine life. Their survival is at risk, as they face many challenges including climate change. We can protect […]

Tortoise DNA – Implications for Conservation

Galápagos giant tortoise

Geneticists from Princeton, Newcastle University, Oxford and Yale Universities, among others, are currently conducting critical research on the taxonomy for Galapagos giant turtles, which is funded by Galapagos Conservancy. This international team is working to solve a 300-year old dilemma: Are all the giant tortoises that are spread across the islands and volcanoes of Galapagos […]

Empowering Women in Science Across Galápagos

Diana Loyola, Biologist in Ecology and Management, resides on Santa Cruz Island, and leads a key investigation on avian pox, contributing to the understanding and control of this disease.

We celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11, honoring their contributions to science and tech, and advocating for increased participation in areas where women have historically been underrepresented. This day is especially important in Galapagos because it highlights the crucial role women play in conservation and scientific exploration in this […]