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Enhancing Pet Management in the Galapagos Islands by Implementing Microchips

James Gibbs, our President, Washington Tapia, our General Director, and Marilyn Cruz, former Executive Director of the ABG, strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions with the delivery of microchips for pets.

As part of our commitment, we recently donated 5,000 pet microchips to the four inhabited Galapagos islands as a way to support the ongoing efforts of the three Municipal Governments to manage urban wildlife. This is an important step in our mission to control domestic cats and dogs, which is crucial to protect vulnerable species. […]

One species of flycatcher in Galápagos appears extinct. Does the same fate await another?

The radiant Vermilion Flycatcher, recognized for its vivid red feathers.

A species of flycatcher appears to be extinct in Galapagos. Is another species in danger of extinction? Scientists comparing genes of the so-called “Vermilion flycatchers” in Galapagos seven years ago realized that they were looking at two different species. The birds in question were not the Vermilion flycatchers ( Pyrocephalus obscure), which are common throughout […]

The Enigma Of Fernanda – A Lone Survivor In Galápagos

Fernanda, the last known Fernandina giant tortoise

The discovery of Fernanda — a female Galapagos tortoise, the last member of the Fernandina (Chelonoidisphantasticus), previously believed extinct for more than a century — marked a conservation breakthrough by rediscovering an lost species. It is now highlighting the grim reality that species are extinction. The Galapagos Conservancy, the Galapagos National Park Directorate and other […]

Swiss Chocolate Meets Island Conservation

Rows of young cacao seedlings grow in Galápagos, promising a future of unique chocolate flavors and contributing to the islands’ biodiversity

Patricia Stucki shares her inspiring story in the Galapagos Archipelago. This is a remote place where biodiversity and preservation are vital. Patricia Stucki, a naturalist and chocolate lover, successfully blended her Swiss heritage into the rich ecosystem on the islands thanks to the Galapagos Conservancy. Birth of a Conservation Passion Patricia, who grew up in […]

New Expedition Sparks Hope for Santiago’s Giant Tortoises

James Gibbs, our President, and Amy Doherty, our Vice President of Operations, collecting tortoises eggs on Santiago Island for transportation to the Breeding and Rearing Center in Santa Cruz.

The Galapagos Archipelago is our top priority for conservation and restoration of giant tortoise population. They are not only impressive, but also important ecologically as seed dispersers and primary herbivores. Both are essential processes to maintain the ability of ecosystems to provide essential benefits for both humans and the environmental. It is important to protect […]

Unveiling the Migratory Mysteries of Galápagos’ Giant Tortoises

A park ranger attaching a satellite tracking device to a female tortoise at Wolf Volcano.

Scientists and nature enthusiasts have been fascinated by the Galapagos giant turtles, symbols of this archipelago for centuries. Tortoises are known for their size and longevity. They can live up to a century and weigh more than 550 pounds. Their relaxed demeanor is a testament to their importance. A landmark two-year study In a pioneering […]