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The Galápagos Lobster: A Gem of the Archipelago and Vital Signal of Marine Health

the galapagos lobster a gem of the archipelago

Galapagos Archipelago is renowned for its incredible biodiversity. It is also home to the Galapagos Lobster, a crustacean which is not only a culinary and commercial delight but is a barometer that measures changes in the marine eco-system. The Galapagos Marine Reserve is home to a variety of invertebrates, including lobsters. Lobsters are vital for […]

Nua Ecoregalos: Sustainable Innovation in Galápagos

ecoregalos sustainable innovation in galapagos

In the heart of the Galapagos Islands, an initiative has been born that seamlessly blends style, sustainability and economy. Nua Ecoregalos, a San Cristobal artisan shop supported by Galapagos Conservancy that is a model of sustainable development and environmental preservation, is a model for sustainability. Birth of an Idea Vanessa Garcia, a local entrepreneur, and […]

Yellow Land Iguanas: Three Island Populations Whose Futures Depend On One Another

Yellow land iguana

The yellow iguanas inhabit the lowlands in Galapagos. They were once widespread throughout the archipelago but are now restricted to a few places. Among them are three islands – Baltra, North Seymour and Santiago – whose fates past and present are closely intertwined. This is the story Galapagos Conservancy staff and Galapagos National Park Guards […]

The Enigma Beneath the Waves: Protecting Whale Sharks in Galápagos

protecting whale sharks in galapagos

The majestic whale shark The azure water surrounding the Galapagos Archipelago is home to a marine mystery that has captured the attention of explorers as well as nature lovers. The majestic whale shark is drawn to these waters for mysterious reasons. This story is about dedicated research, and the mission to preserve an iconic species. […]

Galápagos Celebrates 45 Years as a Natural World Heritage Site

Blue-footed boobies

  The Galapagos Archipelago, also known as the ‘Enchanted Islands’, commemorates 45 years since it was recognized by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site. This distinction, awarded on September 8, 1978, highlights the unique biodiversity that characterizes these islands, a well-deserved acknowledgment that gives them international prestige. The conservation of the ‘Enchanted Islands’ is […]

Living Life Fully in Retirement – An Update on Diego

Diego at the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center

Iniciativa Galapagos, a collaboration between the Galapagos Conservancy (a non-profit organization) and the Galapagos National Park is one of the most significant conservation initiatives in Galapagos. Its focus was on rewilding the giant tortoises throughout the archipelago. The restoration of the Espanola Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis Hoodensis) is a notable achievement. The Critically Endangered Espanola Giant Tortoise has gone […]