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About Galapagos Islands Travel

Welcome to, your gateway to an extraordinary journey through the captivating wonders of the Galapagos Islands!

The voice of the local Gálapagos Travel Industry

We are the official voice of the local tourism industry in the archipelago. Our contributors represent different sectors including: Hoteliers, Yacht Agents, Yacht Operators, Ship-builders, Tour Guides, Transportation service suppliers, Crew members, Chefs, Restaurant owners, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and several other important members that rely on tourism as a way of life in the enchanted isles.

What we stand for

At Galapagos, we are not just travel enthusiasts; we are passionate advocates for responsible tourism, committed to preserving the natural beauty and cultural richness of this unique archipelago.
Our team of experts – by experts we mean locals with our 2 feet on the ground and sometimes in the water of the Galapagos archipelago – comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to showcasing the Galapagos Islands in all their splendor while fostering a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and local communities. We understand that every step we take has an impact, and as stewards of responsible tourism, we strive to make that impact a positive one.
Galapagos Tourist

Protecting our Islands for future generations

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to promoting responsible tourism practices. Our experts work tirelessly to curate experiences that not only allow you to witness the breathtaking landscapes and incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos but also contribute to the conservation efforts and support local communities.

We are the promoters of small mom and pop operations in the galapagos province

As advocates for the Galapagos, we collaborate closely with local tourism operations, ensuring that your journey is not only memorable but leaves a positive footprint. By working hand in hand with these operations, we empower local communities and contribute to the sustainable development of the islands. is more than just a travel platform; we are your trusted guides, weaving a narrative that goes beyond the surface. Our experts delve into the heart of Galapagos, bringing you a profound understanding of its ecology, history, and culture.
Galapagos Tortoise

We are here to share knowledge and trip planning tips, we can also book them for you.

By choosing us, you are not just embarking on a vacation; you are participating in a movement to preserve and celebrate the Galapagos Islands for generations to come.
Explore with confidence, knowing that is your expert companion, ensuring that your journey aligns with the principles of responsible tourism. Join us in experiencing the Galapagos Islands in a way that not only fulfills your wanderlust but also contributes to the preservation of this natural wonder.
Livington Santos
Chief Travel Curator

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