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Galapagos Islands Yacht Charters, Catamaran charters and group travel

Planning your next adventure can be tricky, especially when you dream of the Galapagos Islands. Did you know that small independent cruise lines in these islands offer yacht charters that last from 4 to 15 days? The best part is that each yacht is a family-owned entrepreneurial project. When chartering a small yacht you are supporting small business and funds stay local, small yachts in Galapagos have an Galapagueño (natives from the islands) crew, captain and source all supplies locally, the booking goes through a local tour operator that also employs local staff.

This article will guide you through choosing the perfect yacht or catamaran for your trip…

ensuring it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Ready for an unforgettable journey?

A Summary of details when chartering a yacht in the Galapagos Islands

  • You can choose from yacht charters in the Galapagos Islands that last anywhere from 4 to 15 days. There’s a perfect fit for any schedule and group size, with options ranging from 14 to 100 guests.
  • Galapagos charter prices vary, offering both budget-friendly adventures and luxury experiences with gourmet meals and private balconies. Diving cruises are also available for underwater explorations alongside sea turtles and colorful fish.
  • Chartering a yacht gives you exclusive access to the vessel for a more personalized trip. offers tailored services including specialized guides, custom meals, and VIP events at discounted rates for an unforgettable journey.
  • Specialized guides enhance your adventure with knowledge of the islands’ secrets. You’ll enjoy unique activities like bird-watching or diving expeditions designed around your interests.
  • Free trip planning service makes booking easy, with global reach through offices in multiple countries ensuring support is always nearby. Personalized menus showcase Ecuadorian flavors and international cuisine paired with selected wines for a complete culinary delight during your voyage.

Options for Galapagos Charters

Explore various Galapagos charter options—choose from different durations and capacities, budget to luxury classes, and even diving cruises. Each option offers a unique experience tailored to your preferences.

Zodiac Galapagos Cruises

Duration and Capacity

Galapagos cruises offer a range of durations, from quick 4-day jaunts to immersive 15-day voyages. This means you’ve got options whether you’re squeezing in an adventure between work weeks or planning the trip of a lifetime.

The size of your party plays a big role too. With ships that cater from as little as 14 guests to as many as 100, finding the perfect fit is like picking out the right-sized shoe—essential for comfort and experience.

I remember boarding a modest yacht designed for just 16 people—it felt like our own private floating island. That’s the beauty of these charters; they can turn into bespoke escapes where every crew member knows your name by dinner.

My best friend who shared the charter with us said it best:

It’s not just about seeing the islands; it’s about experiencing them with those who matter most.

Moving on from how long you’ll be at sea and how many fellow adventurers you’ll share sunsets with, let’s talk brass tacks—how much is this going to set you back? Heading over to budget considerations brings us face-to-face with the reality that sometimes, splurging is part of the journey

Sea Lions Play with Snorkelers | Galapagos Island Tour

Budget to Luxury Class

Galapagos charters offer a wide range – from cozy, budget-friendly options to top-of-the-line luxury vessels. Think of it as choosing between a comfy guesthouse and a five-star hotel, but on the sea.

The more you’re willing to spend, the higher the level of exclusivity and personalized service you’ll get. Splurging on a luxury class means state-of-the-art facilitiesgourmet meals prepared by skilled chefs, and maybe even your own private balcony to watch those stunning sunsets.

Budget doesn’t mean skimping on the experience though. Affordable yachts still provide excellent service and access to all the incredible sights Galapagos is famous for. You’ll mingle with like-minded adventurers in shared spaces and bond over daily discoveries without breaking the bank.

Whether you choose economy or high-end, each option promises its own unique brand of adventure — custom-made just for you.

The choice boils down to what kind of experience you’re after…and how much you’re willing to invest in your memories. Dive cruises add another layer, offering specialized tours for underwater explorations at varying price ranges.

So whether it’s snorkeling with sea lions or sipping champagne as you cruise into the sunset—there’s a Galapagos charter that fits your dream (and budget) perfectly.

Galapagos Diving

Diving Cruises

Diving cruises in the Galapagos offer more than just a splash. They’re your ticket to an underwater world brimming with life. You’ll glide alongside sea turtles, dance through schools of colorful fish, and maybe lock eyes with a curious shark.

These trips come with specialized guides who know every corner of the ocean floor like the back of their hand. They lead you on dive safari cruises and submerged journey cruises that turn each dive into an adventure.

Imagine strapping on your gear, stepping off the boat, and sinking into another universe where marine creatures welcome you as one of their own. Liveaboard diving vacations mix the thrill of exploration with the comfort of home—your floating home, that is.

Each morning wakes you up to a new dive site buzzing for discovery. Oceanic diving expeditions or scuba diving trips—it’s not just about what’s beneath but also about who’s beside you, guiding your journey and ensuring each moment is soaked in wonder.

Benefits of Chartering vs. booking cabins

Chartering gives you exclusive access to the entire vessel, providing a more personalized and tailor-made experience. With chartering, you can enjoy VIP services and events tailored to your unique preferences.
Seaman Joruney | Galapagos Cruise

Exclusivity and Better Prices

Exclusivity and better prices await you with Chartering a private cruise not only ensures VIP experiences but also unlocks the secrets of luxury travel at discounted rates. You have access to the all the owner suites and upgrade cabins at the same rate as standard cabins, you and your fellow travelers decide who has the suite.

By choosing bespoke vacations, travelers can indulge in exclusive tours and specialized excursions amidst the stunning backdrop of the Galapagos Islands. The tailored packages on offer provide personalized service, ensuring an ever-evolving experience for those seeking more than just a typical vacation.

Chartering a private cruise not only ensures VIP experiences but also unlocks the secrets of luxury travel at discounted rates.

Infinity Balcony Suite

Tailor-Made Service

Experience a tailor-made service like never before with our Galapagos charters. We provide personalized experiences, from specialized guides and activities to custom meals and wines.

Enjoy unique excursions designed just for you, ensuring an individualized travel experience that caters to your preferences. With VIP treatment and luxury accommodations, our bespoke itineraries offer exclusive tours that go beyond the ordinary.

Whether it’s private events or corporate incentives, our tailored service is all about providing you with a one-of-a-kind journey.

Discover the freedom of creating your own adventure as we cater to your specific wishes. Our expert team at ensures that every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned according to your desires, offering unparalleled attention to detail in crafting an itinerary that perfectly fits your vision.

From the moment you reach out to us until the end of your voyage, expect nothing less than a seamless journey filled with unmatched exclusivity and top-notch service.

VIP Services and Events

When looking for VIP services and events to complement your tailored experience in the Galapagos, has you covered. From exclusive gatherings to corporate incentives, our high-end accommodations and premium experiences cater to special groups, clubs, and corporate events.

Our bespoke events are designed to enhance your trip with personalized services and top-notch amenities.

With our global reach, we offer a wide array of VIP services including specialized guides and activities, personalized meals and wines, as well as custom-designed itineraries that unlock the secrets of this ever-changing realm.

Whether you’re seeking more than just a standard vacation or planning an unforgettable event in the heart of this unique destination – we ensure a flawless experience from start to finish.

Tailored Experience

Explore the Galapagos Islands like never before with specialized guides, unique activities, and personalized meals— embark on a journey that’s designed to enhance your adventure. Ready to unlock the secrets of the Galapagos?

Specialized Guides and Activities

Discover a world of tailored experiences with our specialized guides and activities. Dive into the crystal-clear waters guided by experienced instructors, or explore the islands with knowledgeable naturalists who will unveil the secrets of the Galapagos.

Personalize your tour with bespoke activities such as bird-watching excursions, hiking adventures, or even photography workshops to capture every moment of your unique journey.

Our individualized excursions are designed to enhance your trip, offering custom language tours and VIP services for an exclusive experience. Picture this – having a private guide fluent in your preferred language leading you on an unforgettable exploration of the Galapagos Islands.

Whether you seek more than just adventure or desire a deeper understanding of this ever-evolving ecosystem, our suite of specialized guides and activities is here to take you on an extraordinary journey.

Personalized Meals and Wines

Indulge in a unique culinary experience on your Galapagos charter with personalized meals and handpicked wines. Our onboard chefs are ready to create tailored menus, offering bespoke dining options that cater to your individual preferences.

Imagine savoring specialty dishes made just for you while enjoying a glass of selected wine from our collection – a true gastronomic delight during your journey.

Treat yourself to more than just travel; feast on the finest cuisine crafted exclusively for you, paired with meticulously curated wines that elevate your dining experience. With 3 daily meals provided onboard, each meal becomes an opportunity to unlock the secrets of Ecuadorian flavors and international delights amidst the breathtaking Galapagos landscape.

Embark on a culinary adventure like no other as you sample custom-designed dishes and explore the world of personalized wining and dining during every moment of your voyage.

Booking and Contact Information

For free trip planning and global reach, contact us to book your tailored yacht adventure – let’s make it happen!

Free Trip Planning Service

Take the stress out of your Galapagos adventure with our free trip planning service. Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the complexities of vacation coordination, offering itinerary assistance and destination advice.

You can rely on us for tailored travel planning, from booking yacht charters to arranging personalized activities. All you need to do is reach out through WhatsApp and let us take care of the rest—so you can focus on making unforgettable memories.

Let us turn your dream vacation into a reality—our free trip planning service ensures seamless journey organization, so that you have more time to relax and explore. Contact us today for a hassle-free holiday arrangement that meets all your needs!

Henry Arnold:  “I reached out to their team for assistance in planning my Galapagos getaway, and I was impressed by how they went above and beyond to personalize every detail based on my family’s preferences.”

Global Reach and Contact Information

For any queries or bookings, our international reach ensures that you can connect with us from across the globe. With dedicated local offices and partnerships with local travel agents in the United States, Germany, UK, Ecuador, Australia and many other countries – we’re just a call away.

Whether it’s about planning your Galapagos adventure or getting expert advice on the best charters for your group size and preferences – our global network is there to support you at every step of your journey.

To speak with one of our Galapagos experts and start planning your dream experience today – simply dial into the office nearest to you. From detailed itineraries to tailored VIP services and events– your trip will be meticulously taken care of by our multinational team.

As travelers ourselves, we understand that seamless communication is key when embarking on an international journey; thus whether through phone calls or a convenient call-back request option available on our website – rest assured that help is always within reach wherever you are in the world!

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