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Transforming Waste into Innovation: Oscar’s Galápagos Initiative

Oscar Guiracocha, a native of Galápagos, pioneers a plastic waste collection system, turning trash into artistic treasures.

Transforming Waste into Innovation: Oscar’s Galapagos Initiative Oscar Guiracocha Andrade is a native from San Cristobal Island and he spearheads an innovative conservation project in the remote Galapagos. Oscar’s initiative, supported by the Galapagos Conservancy conservation grant program, transforms plastic waste to sustainable accessories and promotes environmental stewardship. Innovative Solutions for Galapagos Wellbeing Oscar’s innovative […]

The Remarkable Return of 136 Galápagos Tortoises to Their Natural Habitat

The safest and least impactful way to transfer the repatriated tortoises is by using a helicopter.

The Remarkable Return Of 136 Galapagos Tortoises To Their Natural Habitat In partnership with Galapagos Conservancy and the Galapagos National Park Directorate 136 juvenile tortoises were successfully returned to the Cinco Cerros region on Isabela Island’s Cerro Azul Volcano. These tortoises were aged between 5 to 9 years and returned to their habitat. This is […]

Meet the Woman Leading Coral Reef Conservation in Galápagos

woman leading coral reef conservation

As park rangers for the Galapagos National Park Directorate, 100 women are dedicated to protecting the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Jenifer Saurez, a marine biologist and 36-year old Galapaguena, is one of these environmental stewards. She works tirelessly to protect the coral reefs that surround the islands. Jenifer’s Journey Jenifer was fascinated by […]

The Galápagos Lobster: A Gem of the Archipelago and Vital Signal of Marine Health

the galapagos lobster a gem of the archipelago

Galapagos Archipelago is renowned for its incredible biodiversity. It is also home to the Galapagos Lobster, a crustacean which is not only a culinary and commercial delight but is a barometer that measures changes in the marine eco-system. The Galapagos Marine Reserve is home to a variety of invertebrates, including lobsters. Lobsters are vital for […]

Nua Ecoregalos: Sustainable Innovation in Galápagos

ecoregalos sustainable innovation in galapagos

In the heart of the Galapagos Islands, an initiative has been born that seamlessly blends style, sustainability and economy. Nua Ecoregalos, a San Cristobal artisan shop supported by Galapagos Conservancy that is a model of sustainable development and environmental preservation, is a model for sustainability. Birth of an Idea Vanessa Garcia, a local entrepreneur, and […]