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Galápagos Celebrates International Wetlands Day: Highlighting Isabela’s Role as a Ramsar Site

Aerial view of the wetlands in southern Isabela, designated as Ramsar Site of International Importance since May 20, 2002.

International Wetlands Day is celebrated today, 2nd February, as a way to highlight the importance of these unique eco-systems. This day is especially important in Galapagos because of its unmatched biodiversity. We celebrate and recognize wetlands, which are true natural gems integral to the region’s eco-diversity. Dr. Our Director of Conservation, Jorge Carrion, sends his […]

Jenifer Suárez: A Beacon Amid Global Coral Challenges

Jenifer Suárez examines samples for the Galápagos coral restoration project

Marine ecosystems are at risk due to the escalating global coral bleaching crisis and erosion. Climate change, pollution and overfishing have all contributed to this. Coral reefs are often referred to as “the rainforests of the ocean” and are crucial for marine biodiversity. Coral reefs are vital to marine biodiversity and the beauty of the […]

Renewing Our Support for the Galápagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Control Agency

Renewal of this cooperation agreement for the year 2024, symbolizing the annual reaffirmation of Galápagos Conservancy’s ongoing support for conservation and biosecurity in the Galápagos Islands.

Galapagos Conservancy is committed to conserving Galapagos Islands’ exceptional ecosystems. As a sign of our continued commitment to this cause, we renewed today our support for the Galapagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Control Agency. Dr. James Gibbs and Washington Tapia, the General Director of Galapagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Control Agency renewed the agreement for 2024 with […]

A Sustainable Approach to Recovering and Reusing Refrigerants in Galápagos

Galo Ponce and his team are set for a significant training session on the beautiful Santa Cruz Island - Galápagos.

Galapagos: A Sustainable Approach for Recovering and Resusing Refrigerators On the stunning Santa Cruz Island of Galapagos several people committed to environmental stewardship spearhead impactful conservation initiatives. One of these innovative projects is led by Galo Ponce, an entrepreneur and his team. It focuses on the recovery and re-use of refrigerants. This project is a […]

Landmark Census of Giant Tortoises in Southern Isabela

An adult Chelonoidis vicina tortoise, native to Cerro Azul volcano in southern Isabela.

We have reached a significant milestone in collaboration with the Galapagos National Park Directorate by conducting a comprehensive census of all nine populations, including Chelonoidis viscina, Chelonoidisguntheri, and HTML2_ Chelonoidis sp. HTML2_. This groundbreaking census thoroughly surveyed these populations, which reside in the southern volcanic areas of Isabela Island. It marks a significant accomplishment in […]

Science in Action: Stable Isotope Analysis Sheds Light on Galápagos Sea Lions

Galápagos sea lion colony

What can be learned from a single snout? Scientists on Galapagos have developed a new technique that allows them to gather information about sea lions’ foraging habits. This will help to better understand the species ecology and their sensitivity to changes in the environment. Stable isotopes analysis is a technique that measures the relative abundances […]