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Teacher and students in Galápagos

The Vital Role of Galápagos Teachers in Conservation and Sustainability

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in Ecuador and we would like to express our gratitude to the 430 PreK-12 Galapagos Teachers who teach more than 7,000 children across four inhabited Islands. Galapagos Conservancy believes that education is the key to a sustainable future in the Archipelago. We support these teachers’ important work in shaping the next generations of leaders in conservation.

Teachers are at the core of the sustainability movement in the Islands. They use a project-based approach to engage students in learning about their community and environment, both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers have been leading units in the last year on topics such as marine and terrestrial biodiversity, sustainable fisheries, and renewable energy. Teachers’ unwavering commitment is crucial in inspiring and motivating their students to become advocates of conservation and sustainable development.

Galapagos Teachers faced a number of challenges as they adapted to the new online teaching methods. Teachers at Galapagos demonstrated a commitment to students and education that was exceptional despite these challenges. They continue to work tirelessly in order to improve their students’ learning.

We honor Galapagos educators today for their dedication and commitment to education. We thank you for sharing with your students your knowledge and experience and for your unwavering commitment to inspiring future generations.

We are committed as an organization to support education in Galapagos, and to partnering with teachers so that we can build a sustainable future. Galapagos Conservancy supports teachers in promoting conservation and sustainable development through innovative programs like Education in Sustainability. These include real-life projects, community involvement and engaging with the local community. These teachers are inspiring the next generations of leaders to protect their cultural and natural heritage.

Teacher and student
Teacher and student © Galápagos Conservancy