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Novarino Castillo

Galápagos’ Unsung Conservation Hero: Novarino Castillo

A man who is vital to the success and conservation of expeditions in the Galapagos Islands is often overlooked. Novarino Castillo is a Galapagos Conservancy porter.

Castillo’s team carries vital supplies on the field for scientists and park rangers who are going to remote parts of the Islands. The supplies include food and water, medicines, and essential tools such as machetes and files. It may appear easy, but transporting these supplies across volcanic and rocky terrain is a difficult task.

Imagine walking under a scorching sun for hours, carrying a heavy load and navigating steep and rugged trails. Castillo’s team works tirelessly, from dawn until dusk. Castillo and his team start their day at 5 a.m. Castillo spends up to fourteen hours traveling to eat and then to meet the expedition groups. He completes numerous round trips, completing every task with meticulousness, and even makes multiple rounds. Castillo’s unwavering dedication and perseverance are essential in ensuring the camps have everything they need.

The Galapagos camps are important locations for studies, monitoring and conservation efforts. Castillo’s team is essential to the success of these trips, as they provide optimal conditions for scientists and park rangers to do their work. It would be difficult to maintain ecosystem integrity and conduct comprehensive research without their logistical support.

Castillo is proud of his contribution to the conservation of species, and especially that of the Galapagos Giant Tortoises. Castillo’s contribution is vital for the survival of these animals, and the Galapagos Islands unique biodiversity.

Castillo, our team of porters and the Galapagos Conservancy wish to acknowledge and applaud their tireless efforts. These unsung heroes are silent but steadfast, and they leave a lasting impression on the protection of this magical Island. Our porters make these conservation trips possible and protect the natural wonders that we treasure.

Novarino Castillo
Novarino Castillo and his horse on the field © Galápagos Conservancy