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Tourists enjoying their visit to the Conservation Center, learning about the history and conservation efforts for giant tortoises.

Revitalizing our Conservation Center: A Renewed Commitment with Galápagos

Archive photo of the opening of the Galápagos Conservancy Conservation Center. Since its inauguration on June 6, 2022, we have welcomed around 15,000 visitors.
©Galápagos Conservancy

The Galápagos Conservancy’s Conservation Center in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island will soon undergo a thorough renovation. Since its opening in June 2022, the center has become a valuable source of information about the Galapagos, especially regarding the history and conservation efforts aimed at the most iconic species of the Galápagos, such as our giant tortoises.

Regular visits from local residents over the last two years have been a defining feature. They come to the center to learn about conservation projects and understand the importance of conserving their home, the Galápagos. The frequent visits from children and students are particularly heartening, as their enthusiasm and questions help nurture the next generation of nature enthusiasts.

Our spectacular 3D map of the Galápagos archipelago is a major attraction for both national and international tourists. Upon each island is depicted an intricate rendition of each of the 15 species of Galápagos tortoises – wooden masterpieces crafted by a local artist, showcasing our dedication to providing a space for knowledge and learning.

As we move forward, we are actively updating the conservation and sustainability information for the upcoming renovated Conservation Center. Our goal is to meet current expectations and needs for information about Galapagos. During this time, the Center will undergo a temporary closure.

We are looking forward to the opening of a newly renovated Galápagos Conservancy Conservation Center later this year. The center will have improved infrastructure and updated information, and we aim to continue sharing our work and advocating for the care and conservation of this global natural heritage.

Ivonne Torres, Coordinator of the Conservation Center, in her daily work educating about the challenges of conservation in Galápagos.
©Galápagos Conservancy