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saving the seas community

Saving The Seas: A Community Effort To Conserve Marine Biodiversity

Galapagos conservation requires the whole community to work together. Not only professionals and scientists can solve conservation issues, but also students. Galapagueno children and students are up for the challenge. Multiple projects in the Galapagos have educated and engaged the next generation conservationists over the past year.

Beach pollution is a major issue that affects both local economies and wildlife on all islands. Recently, 65 students collected 575 pounds worth of plastic from four beaches on the archipelago. The students’ success in cleaning the beaches was not just a great conservation feat, but also an inspiration for us all.

Galapagos youth also help their homeland by participating in marine conservation practices. Galapagos National Park gave 65 students an opportunity to learn and train about marine environments. Students are involved in a variety of activities that are vital for marine conservation. These include monitoring and tagging young sharks, and restoring corals.

The next generation of Galapagos Conservationists has already made a significant impact on the island. Galapagos National Park is the Galapagos Conservancy’s main partner in conservation. These remarkable opportunities for Galapagos youth would not have been possible without them. We are proud to support this Park’s efforts to inspire the next generation of conservationists.

saving the seas community
Students participating in beach clean-ups on Santa Cruz Island ©Galápagos National Park