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Empowering Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation in Galápagos

Empowering sustainable agriculture and conservation

Galapagos Islands is a wonderland of biodiversity supported by fragile ecosystems that are under threat. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the conservation of these enchanted Islands. Galapagos Conservancy has made remarkable progress in its efforts to transform agriculture in the archipelago in order to ensure a sustainable future. Novarino Casillo: Local Champions Spotlight Novarino […]

Yellow Land Iguanas: Three Island Populations Whose Futures Depend On One Another

Yellow land iguana

The yellow iguanas inhabit the lowlands in Galapagos. They were once widespread throughout the archipelago but are now restricted to a few places. Among them are three islands – Baltra, North Seymour and Santiago – whose fates past and present are closely intertwined. This is the story Galapagos Conservancy staff and Galapagos National Park Guards […]

The Enigma Beneath the Waves: Protecting Whale Sharks in Galápagos

protecting whale sharks in galapagos

The majestic whale shark The azure water surrounding the Galapagos Archipelago is home to a marine mystery that has captured the attention of explorers as well as nature lovers. The majestic whale shark is drawn to these waters for mysterious reasons. This story is about dedicated research, and the mission to preserve an iconic species. […]