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Empowering sustainable agriculture and conservation

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation in Galápagos

Galapagos Islands is a wonderland of biodiversity supported by fragile ecosystems that are under threat. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the conservation of these enchanted Islands. Galapagos Conservancy has made remarkable progress in its efforts to transform agriculture in the archipelago in order to ensure a sustainable future.

Novarino Casillo: Local Champions Spotlight

Novarino Castillo is an example of this progress. A local farmer, his vision to build a greenhouse was given a boost by Galapagos Conservancy. Novarino Castillo’s farm is nine miles from Puerto Ayora and a great example of responsible agriculture. It produces a variety of organic products, including eggplants, papayas, and more. This project not only supplies the local community with food, but it also does so without damaging natural habitats.

Composting is essential for sustainable agriculture

Novarino’s farming philosophy is based on composting organic waste. Compost is a rich organic fertilizer that improves soil health without chemical additives. Novarino said, “This allows me farm without chemicals and contribute to the care for the Galapagos Islands while offering healthy food to my community.”

Mission and Approach of Galapagos Conservancy

Galapagos Conservancy’s initiatives are guided by our unwavering commitment to ecological conservation and sustainable development in Galapagos. Novarino is one of our active projects that encourages environmentally responsible farming. Promote productive and sustainable farming to ensure a steady supply of fresh foods while protecting fragile ecosystems. Such projects also fuel local economic development and encourage community participation in conservation efforts.

Empowering sustainable agriculture and conservation
Novarino creates compost from decomposed organic materials, which he uses as organic fertilizer to enrich the soil and improve its fertility. ©Galápagos Conservancy

Community Engagement and Economic Development

Local farmers play a crucial role in the fight for conservation on the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Conservancy supports citizen-led initiatives to provide sustainable solutions that will benefit the islands’ unique ecosystems and long-term health. We continue to innovate in Galapagos by combining community involvement and collaborative efforts to find ways to balance human activity with environmental responsibility. This blueprint for sustainable living resonates beyond the islands.

Empowering sustainable agriculture and conservation
By promoting and strengthening conscious agricultural and livestock practices, we ensure the availability
of fresh food without endangering the delicate ecosystems of the Galápagos. ©Galápagos Conservancy