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Celebrating World Environment Day with Galápagos Conservancy

  World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. This date was established by the United Nations back in 1972 to increase global awareness of the importance of protecting our ecosystems. This day encourages us to think about our everyday actions and how they impact the environment, underlining the urgency of […]

Unraveling the Mysteries of Galápagos Bats

Galápagos bat resting on a branch. Its nocturnal activity and density are influenced by the seasonal availability of insects, its main food source, and vary according to habitat.

Galapagos’ unique biodiversity is still waiting to be explored, especially in the fascinating nocturnal ecosystems of many islands. There are still many questions about two bat species: the gray bat and the red bat. Are these Galapagos populations of these bats really distinct? Do they fly from one island to another? We don’t even know […]

Discovering Fernandina: A Natural Treasure and Sanctuary for Emblematic Species

Stunning aerial view of Fernandina Island's volcano, which towers at 1,476 meters (approximately 0.917 miles) above sea level.

Fernandina is one of the most beautiful islands in the Galapagos Archipelago. The island is 247.87 square mile in size and boasts an active volcano rising 4842 miles above the sea level. The volcano’s crater is 4 miles wide. Fernandina, the youngest island of the archipelago has unique ecosystems that are not found anywhere else […]

Unveiling the Migratory Mysteries of Galápagos’ Giant Tortoises

A park ranger attaching a satellite tracking device to a female tortoise at Wolf Volcano.

Scientists and nature enthusiasts have been fascinated by the Galapagos giant turtles, symbols of this archipelago for centuries. Tortoises are known for their size and longevity. They can live up to a century and weigh more than 550 pounds. Their relaxed demeanor is a testament to their importance. A landmark two-year study In a pioneering […]

Alliance Against Invasion: Tackling the Ant Threat in Galapagos

The fight against invasive ants involves early detection and precise measures to conserve the unique biodiversity of the archipelago.

Invasive ants are a silent, but deadly threat to the Galapagos Archipelago. The invasive ants disrupt the fragile ecological balance and threaten the rare and vulnerable species of the Galapagos Archipelago in protected areas. They also have an adverse impact on the economic sectors. Context and Challenge According to research funded by the Charles Darwin […]

A New Chapter on Galápagos Conservation and Sustainability

New Chapter in Conservation Sustainability

Galapagos Conservancy announces the approval and funding for 26 innovative projects as part of the fifth round of its conservation grant program. These initiatives, led both by community members and organizations from the Galapagos, can make a significant contribution to both environmental conservation and the socioeconomic development for Galapagos residents. These projects, from sustainable agricultural […]