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impacts of El Nino event in galapagos

Scientific Talk Addresses the Impacts of El Niño Event in Galápagos

Galapagos Conservancy hosted a scientific discussion that shed light on impacts of El Nino on the Galapagos Archipelago this week. This event brought together local authorities, environmentalists, and citizens who were eager to learn about the effects of this current climate anomaly that is expected to continue through winter.

Dr. Mercy Borbor was the speaker, a renowned environmental scientist who is also a member of the Galapagos Conservancy Board. She gave delegates a detailed overview of the potential challenges El Nino could pose to the region. Dr. Borbor has a wealth of experience in dealing with climate events. She is a distinguished professor at ESPOL and formerly acted as ESPOL’s Pacific Center for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Discussions focused on historical data and tools for protecting the environment, Galapagos biodiversity and unique ecosystems. Attendees’ active participation and commitment showed the community’s willingness to prepare for extreme weather events.

Galapagos Conservancy offers a variety of scientific discussions to the community and conservationists on a wide range of environmental issues. These talks have two goals: provide the most recent insights into Galapagos’ biodiversity and ecosystems, and encourage the community to act to preserve this natural wonder.

These educational talks, led by renowned experts such as Dr. Borbor, empower local communities and policy-makers to be proactive champions of Galapagos’ unique biodiversity. We are dedicated to providing a forum for the community to engage and collaborate on the mission to secure Galapagos’ future amidst climate change and pressing conservation needs.

impacts of El Nino event in galapagos
Dr. Borbor providing insights on the effects of El Niño event in Galápagos. © Galápagos Conservancy