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World recycling

May 17th: Reflecting on Our Habits on World Recycling Day

We celebrate World Recycling Day today, an ideal opportunity to remind ourselves about the importance of properly treating waste. The destruction of ecosystems caused by human waste has made it more important to protect them globally.

Recycling is not just the responsibility of environmental groups and institutions. Each of us must commit to this important practice to help our planet. We all have a responsibility to protect the places we love by recycling the containers we use.

It is important to promote recycling at an early age so that future generations will be aware of the advantages of living in a healthy environment. Recycling is a great way to stop climate change, reduce waste and protect natural resources. It also contributes to our health, and creates jobs. We must continue to recycle all recyclable materials such as glass jars and tins, cans and plastic bottles.

childrens recycling

We want to congratulate everyone who is aware of the importance and benefits of recycling on this special day. Galapagos Conservancy also supports initiatives by providing conservation grants to individuals who have conservation projects to reduce the impact on waste in the Archipelago.

Recycle! Every little bit helps to conserve Galapagos and our planet. Together, we can create a sustainable and positive future.

Happy World Recycle Day!