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Trip Journals

Renewing Our Support for the Galápagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Control Agency

A Sustainable Approach to Recovering and Reusing Refrigerants in Galápagos

Landmark Census of Giant Tortoises in Southern Isabela

Science in Action: Stable Isotope Analysis Sheds Light on Galápagos Sea Lions

Tracking the Impact of Climate Change on Galápagos Sea Lions and Fur Seals

The Effects of El Niño on Galápagos Plants, Animals, and People

Transforming Waste into Innovation: Oscar’s Galápagos Initiative

The Remarkable Return of 136 Galápagos Tortoises to Their Natural Habitat

Fostering Conservation: Empowering the Galápagos Islands Through Community Engagement

Galápagos in Flux: How El Niño is Reshaping Island Ecosystems