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Verses of Hope: Fernanda’s Tale

The Galapagos Archipelago, a collection of islands in the Pacific Ocean, is a source of inspiration. Lorena Pincay is an environmental educator at the Galapagos National Park Directorate, Santa Cruz Island. She channels this inspiration into beautiful verses and rhythms. She inspires young readers to be adventurous and revere this natural wonder through her stories, which range from the geological origins of the archipelago to the personal stories of its inhabitants.

Fernanda, A Tale of Resilience

Lorena has written some of the most compelling stories. One of them is Fernanda. Galapagos Conservancy has endorsed the story which is set in Fernandina. The island seemed to have lost all spirit after La Cumbre’s devastating eruption. In 2019, however, the unwavering dedication of a team of park rangers, combined with the expertise of Galapagos Conservancy researchers, led to an incredible discovery: a giant tortoise that was thought to be extinct still roamed the island. This discovery was more than just an ecological victory — it symbolized hope and the potential to recover what had seemed irretrievably gone.


A Beacon of Conservation

Fernanda’s story is a tribute to the resilience and conservation efforts of nature, reminding us of Lonesome George. This real-life conservation story shows that nature is resilient, even in the face of great challenges. It offers us opportunities to restore and protect our world, as well as marvel at its unique splendors.

Lorena says, “My greatest wish is that when children read my story they not only find enjoyment but also an opening window into the fascinating work of scientists in their quest for saving the species in Galapagos.” Lorena envisions a future where community, scientific research, and global awareness are intertwined, emphasizing the fact that everyone can play a crucial role in protecting the natural treasures on our planet.

Galapagos Conservancy is proud to support initiatives such as Lorena’s. These initiatives not only inspire hope, but also connect the world of science to the next generation by inspiring them through reading.



Fernanda: the living symbol of hope. Once believed extinct, the giant tortoise reminds us of nature’s amazing capacity for rebirth. ©Galápagos Conservancy