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Reflecting Spirit Galapagos Islands Ceramic Artistry

Reflecting the Spirit of the Galápagos Islands in Ceramic Artistry

In the Galapagos Islands, nature and creativity come together in a groundbreaking initiative. The ceramics workshop on San Cristobal Island is the first one of its kind. The ceramics workshop not only produces unique art pieces but also invites local youths to explore the fascinating world of ceramics.

Women empowerment in local communities

Belen Vasquez, a San Cristobal resident who lives in the Galapagos Conservancy in San Cristobal was able, with the Women in Sustainable Entrepreneurship grant, to make her ceramic art a reality. The WISE grant allowed her to purchase high-quality clays and vibrant glazes, which she used in her ceramic workshop. The purchase of a ceramics oven was of even greater importance, since it not only represented the realisation of her dream, but also a significant leap in her artistic endeavour.

Take the Sustainability Pledge

TEMPORAL is unique in its commitment to sustainability, especially for an area with a limited number of ceramics. Each ceramic piece is an eco-friendly souvenir made of earth, free from pollution.

Environmental Stewardship

Belen and her crew are responsible for gathering plastic waste on beaches. They then sort it and recycle it into souvenirs. These recycled creations not only serve as a lasting memory of your Galapagos vacation, but also contain plastic waste from around the world that has unfortunately washed up on these beautiful beaches.


Reflecting Spirit Galapagos Islands Ceramic Artistry
Ceramic mug: A giant tortoise, symbol of Galápagos, immortalized in a work of art. ©Galápagos Conservancy



TEMPORAL’s impact on the local community is profound. To fulfill its social responsibility a portion of the proceeds from the sale of ceramics is used to sponsor classes in art for the less fortunate children on the island. It helps to develop their artistic abilities and creates the cultural tapestry of San Cristobal.

Belen’s artistic efforts are inspiring and they highlight the need to protect Galapagos Islands. TEMPORAL shows how art and sustainability are combined to transform communities and ecosystems. Want to join this mission of finding sustainable ways to express your creativity and yourself? It doesn’t matter how small an action is. It can help make our planet more green.

Reflecting Spirit Galapagos Islands Ceramic Artistry
Each clay piece tells the story of the ocean and nature, infusing art with the magic of Galápagos. ©Galápagos Conservancy