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The Race To Save Galápagos’ Endangered Species

the race to save galapagos

Galapagos has some of the most unique wildlife in the world, and it is well protected. However, their survival is under threat from a variety of human activities and environmental issues. Invasive species are one of the biggest threats to Galapagos’ wildlife. Invasive species are animals and plants that humans have accidentally or intentionally introduced […]

Ecuador’s Ambitious Ecological Restoration in Galápagos

ecological restoration ecuador environmental

The Ecuadorian Government has allotted $3.4 Million for a ambitious eco-restoration project on Floreana Island. This is one of four inhabited Galapagos Archipelago islands. This initiative will reintroduce thirteen endemic species including giant tortoises, which disappeared from Floreana Island. Our Director of Conservation Dr. Jorge Carrion said, “We are proud to participate in the effort to […]

Urgent Measures being Taken in Galápagos to Combat Avian Flu and Protect Biodiversity

measures to combat avian flu

Galapagos National Park Directorate took immediate action in response to the alarming discovery that marine birds were infected with avian influenza H5N1 on the Galapagos Islands. They investigated the cause of the disease and protected the unique biodiversity of the region. Three bird specimens tested positive for H5N1 avian flu, prompting immediate measures. Immediate actions […]