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Strengthening Galápagos Conservation through Inter-Institutional Cooperation and Technological Innovation

Signing of the Acknowledgement of Receipt for the donation of equipment and supplies to reinforce invasive species control and prevention efforts.

Galapagos Conservancy just delivered advanced molecular-genetics laboratory equipment Galapagos Biosecurity and Quarantine Agency. This new technology will help biosecurity agents prevent the entry of pest species to the archipelago and reduce the illegal trafficking of indigenous species out of islands. A Galapagos Conservancy Board Member enabled the purchase of equipment for DNA sequencing through Goldman […]

Educational Synergy for Youth and Conservation in Galápagos

Education is a key factor in environmental conservation. Galapagos Conservation believes it is important to make sure that residents of Galapagos are aware of the importance of conservation, inspire action and contribute to conservation in the community. Galapagos Conservancy has been supporting the Association of Interpretive Guides of the Galapagos National Park (AGUIPA) since 2022 […]

Galápagos Conservancy’s Board of Directors Affirms Its Commitment to the Long-Term Conservation of the Galápagos Archipelago

The Board of Directors of Galapagos Conservation (GC) toured the Galapagos Islands in order to assess the effects and progress of conservation projects that were funded and implemented by this organization. The Board of Directors of Galapagos Conservancy (GC) visited the Galapagos Islands to evaluate the progress and effects of conservation projects funded and implemented […]

Celebrating World Environment Day with Galápagos Conservancy

  World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. This date was established by the United Nations back in 1972 to increase global awareness of the importance of protecting our ecosystems. This day encourages us to think about our everyday actions and how they impact the environment, underlining the urgency of […]

Revitalizing our Conservation Center: A Renewed Commitment with Galápagos

Tourists enjoying their visit to the Conservation Center, learning about the history and conservation efforts for giant tortoises.

The Galápagos Conservancy’s Conservation Center in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island will soon undergo a thorough renovation. Since its opening in June 2022, the center has become a valuable source of information about the Galapagos, especially regarding the history and conservation efforts aimed at the most iconic species of the Galápagos, such as our giant […]

Expedition to Help Nesting Waved Albatross a Success

Conservation expedition by the Galápagos Conservancy and the Galápagos National Park arriving at Española Island.

The recent field mission in the stunning Espanola island, located in the southeast sector of the Galapagos Archipelago, brought together a team consisting of 27 Galapagos Park Directorate Rangers and Conservation Officers from Galapagos Conservancy who were working to improve nesting habitats for the waved Albatross. This majestic seabird is unique to the Galapagos and […]