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OMCA’s Women Partners Strengthened

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Galapagos Conservancy’s priority is to support women entrepreneurs based on the Islands. We provide funding to local businesses that directly contribute to the sustainability and well-being of island ecosystems as part of our Women in Sustainable Entrepreneurship program (WISE). Galapagos Conservancy has supported the work of Cecilia Alvear Women’s Organization on San Cristobal Island (OMCA), […]

Galápagos Conservancy Conservation Center a Great Success

Conservation Center visit

Galapagos Conservancy has had over 3,200 visitors to its Conservation Center since opening on June 6, 2022. The Santa Cruz Island’s innovative Charles Darwin Avenue interpretive center has raised awareness of conservation issues, especially among youth. Ivonne Torres, Conservation Center Coordinator, describes the Conservation Center’s purpose as an area for inquiry and learning about Giant […]

Lonesome George Exhibit Hall Reopens its Doors to Visitors

Re-opening of Lonesome George Exhibit

After 20 days of renovation, the Symbol of Hope Hall where Lonesome George’s taxidermied body is displayed, reopened its doors. His body is protected from the sun by special acrylic. It is kept in a room with the right temperature and humidity to preserve it. Tourists can enjoy a 360-degree view, thanks to this adaptation, […]

Innovative Learning Strategy on Renewable Energy for Galápagos Students

Conservando Galápagos Director, Washington Tapia, alongside Educators at Teaching Institute 2022

More than 400 teachers from the Galapagos Pre-K-12 grades participated in intensive training at our 12th Teaching Institute. This intensive, lasting five days, is part of the ongoing Education for Sustainability Program that Galapagos Conservancy, Fundacion Scalesia and Ecuador’s Ministry of Education have implemented. Renewable energy was the integrating theme of the Institute. This topic […]

Giant Tortoise Crusader, Dr. Linda J. Cayot, Dies

Dr. Linda J. Cayot at Pinzón Island, 1982

Linda J. Cayot, better known to her friends and family as “Linda”, died September 26, 2022. Linda devoted her entire professional career to conservation of Galapagos tortoise-and iguana species. Linda was awarded a Ph.D. in the study of the ecology and behavior of Galapagos tortoises. She then became a herpetologist at Charles Darwin Research Station […]

The Santa Cruz Community was Presented with Local Conservation Projects and Initiatives

Dancers at exhibition at fair in Santa Cruz

Galapagos Conservancy hosted an exhibition featuring eight local Conservation Action Projects on Friday, September 9, where grant recipients presented their projects to the Santa Cruz Island community. Many people were able to learn about citizen initiatives that are not only contributing to socio-ecological growth in the Islands but also contribute to the preservation of Galapagos’ […]