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Protecting Endemic Galápagos Plant Species Through Community Gardens

Mirian Silva, founder of the proyect Jardines Botánicos

Galapagos Archipelago’s extraordinary biodiversity is known worldwide. It is not found anywhere else in the world. This important natural heritage requires ongoing conservation work. Island residents are vital to the Archipelago’s sustainability. Galapagos Conservancy supports community-based environmental initiatives in the Galapagos Islands. It places an emphasis on the conservation and enhancement of Galapaguenos’ capacity. One […]

Studying Galápagos Sea Lions Sheds New Light on the Impacts of Climate Change

Galapagos Sea Lions

Galapagos Islands are unsurpassed in terms of natural riches. The Galapagos Islands’ unique marine biodiversity is of great tourist and scientific value. This highlights the importance of supporting research initiatives to increase our knowledge of marine ecosystems in order to better protect them. Over the past 40 years, Galapagos’ endemic pinnipeds — sea lions or […]

99% of the Whale Sharks that transit Galápagos Islands are female

Blood draw of Whale Shark

Galapagos Conservancy is committed to supporting the preservation and restoration of endangered species in Galapagos Islands. We funded a crucial Whale Shark Research Project, which was led by Johnathan Green, and his daughter Sofia Green. The project began in December 2021 and will provide baseline data about the reproductive status and movements in Galapagos Archipelago […]

Environmental Education for Galapagueño children

Children during educational games and visits to sites where they can see diverse species

Galapagos Conservancy supports local initiatives that encourage learning and teaching, particularly about conservation, through our Education for Sustainability program and our Women in Sustainable Entrepreneurship grants (WISE). Jenny Macias is an educator who was awarded a Galapagos Conservancy Conservation Action Grant. She lives on Santa Cruz Island, and she leads the Pasitos de Gigantes project. […]

The Presence of Whale sharks is a Good Indicator of a Healthy Marine Ecosystem

Whale Shark with Satellite Tag

“Exploring and diving in the underwater world has been one the most rewarding and enriching parts of my life. I feel that I owe this all to the environment, the oceans and the seas that have provided me with so much.”-Jonathan R Green is the Director and Founder of the Galapagos Whale Shark Project Galapagos […]