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Preserving Galápagos Corals for Future Generations

Students getting ready to dive at Punta Pitt

Galapagos is not an exception to the global concern for conservation of ecosystems. Galapagos Conservancy is happy to see the island community get involved in nature conservation, and learn about the importance of protecting the Archipelago’s unique biodiversity. Galapagos Conservancy funded an educational program of the Galapagos National Park Directorate, (GNPD), in 2022. This program […]

100,000 Mosquitoes Released in Galápagos … But Don’t Worry, They’re Sterile!

Vice President Alfredo Borrero participating in the mosquito release

The Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine for Galapagos (ABG) and the National Institute for Public Health Research, (INSPI) released 100,000 sterile male mosquitoes of the species in the Santa Cruz Island parish of Bellavista. The introduced mosquito was first identified in Galapagos in 2001. It is a vector for diseases […]

Galápagos Commemorates 488 Years Since Its Discovery

Group of Galápagos Giant Tortoises at Cerro Azul

Today is an important date for Galapagos, and the entire world. The Galapagos Islands were discovered officially by Dominican friar Tomas de Berlanga on March 10, 1535. He was sailing from Panama, Peru, when strong ocean currents caused his ship to drift off course to the enchanted Islands. Berlanga was the first person to provide […]

The Galápagos Pink Iguana: A Striking and Endangered Species

Galapagos Islands is known for its unique and varied wildlife. One of the most interesting and rarest species is the Galapagos pink iguana (). This iguana, which is only found on Isabela Island’s Wolf Volcano slopes, is well-known for its unique pink coloration. Although the Galapagos Pink Iguana first became known in 1986, it wasn’t […]

Technology Advances Conservation in Galápagos

Whale shark

The technological advances of recent decades have made it possible to save endangered species around the world. Galapagos Conservancy uses technological innovation to promote biodiversity conservation and protect against species trafficking. PIT tags (Passive Integrated Transponders) are one example of technological innovations we use. They are subcutaneously placed in wildlife. PIT tags are a durable […]

Empowering the Future: Scholarships Transforms the Lives of 11 Children in Santa Cruz

Representatives of Galápagos Conservancy and Fundación Scalesia

Galapagos Conservancy will continue to show its commitment to quality education for residents of Galapagos in 2023. Galapagos Conservancy supports organizations in Galapagos with resources from the Galapagos Silversea Fund. These projects include education for sustainability, training, conservation, and science. The fund will finance 11 children attending the Tomas de Berlanga Educational Unit. This private […]