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Local Solutions for Local Challenges

Mayra Flores with Sindi Vélez and Juan Carlos Valladares

Galapagos Conservancy is a leader in conservation, and believes it is our responsibility invest in long-term protection for the Galapagos Islands. We also educate Galapagos youth about sustainability and conservation. Education for Sustainability Program is based on the principle that conservation must be done by those who live and work in the Islands. All 7,300 […]

Galápagos Wildlife Trafficker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Galápagos Giant Tortoises

Galapagos Islands is a treasure trove of biodiversity that contains unique species not found anywhere else in the world. It is crucial to stop wildlife trafficking. This serious crime threatens the survival and well-being of these rare species. The Constitutional Court of Ecuador sent citizen Paul Adolfo T., to three years imprisonment for wildlife trafficking. […]

Discover the Surprising Role of the Iconic Spiny Lobster in the Galápagos Ecosystem

Spiny Lobster in its natural habitat

One of the most well-known crustaceans of the Archipelago is the Spiny Lobster, which can be found in the waters of Galapagos Marine Reserve. The Galapagos Coral Reefs are home to two species: the Red Spiny Lobster and the Green Lobster. They can also be found in restaurants during certain months. These clawless, nocturnal crustaceans […]

Invasive Species: The Greatest Challenge to Galápagos

Avian Vampire Fly

In the north U.S., Buckthorn, Bittersweet and Honeysuckle have taken over natural areas leaving behind vast, biodiversity-deficient wastelands. Our forests have been ravaged by insects like the Wooly Adelgid and the Emerald Ash Borer. Chestnut Blight is an insidiously introduced fungus. Invasive species pose a threat to ecosystems and wildlife in Galapagos. Invasive insects can […]

Galápagos Teachers Shine in the First 2023 English Language Teaching Training Session

Teachers at the English teaching training session in San Cristóbal Island

Galapagos Conservancy’s Education for Sustainability Program in partnership with U.S. Embassy, Galapagos Education District brought together 26 English teachers from Archipelago for an transformative professional development session on Jan 22nd and 23rd. The teachers were guided by professionals who shared their best practices and ideas for creating a new contextized curriculum that focuses on sustainability […]

Saving the Giants: How Satellite Technology is Transforming Giant Tortoise Conservation

Washington Tapia on mission to attach Satellite Tracking Devices

Galapagos Islands is home to a wealth of endangered and rare species. Conservation of these species is crucial for the Islands’ ecological integrity. Scientists can now see the day-to-day lives of Archipelago animals through cutting-edge technology and science thanks to cutting-edge science. Satellite tracking is one technology being used to study the Galapagos Islands’ Giant […]