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Tania Quisingo mixing Chulpi and spices

Entrepreneur Revives Traditional Foods With Eco-Friendly Focus

Many Galapaguenos were forced to seek alternative jobs after tourism was cut off abruptly. Tania Quisingo, Santa Cruz Islander, made crisis into an opportunity by starting her family’s business, “Le Vid”, which sells healthy snacks.

Tania started by selling granola and chocolate to her family, friends and neighbors. Tania’s mission to save traditional food in Galapagos, Ecuador led to her being awarded a Conservation Action Grant from Galapagos Conservancy.

Tania joined “Conexion Galapagos”, a program that allows people to hear her stories. Tania spoke about the disappearance of many ancestral foods like chulpi. Chulpi, a small-grain corn that is rich in vitamins and minerals, has many health benefits. Tania wanted to encourage the consumption of this nutritious food and chulpi has become Le Vid’s most popular product.

You can make a variety of gourmet snacks with the corn that is used to make chulpi. Tania and her family make spicy and classic chulpi as well as sweet and classic corn nuts, traditional and mixed granola and granola.

Tania stated that healthy food is something that Tania is focusing on. It’s free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and provides the nutrients necessary for a balanced diet. With the support of Galapagos Conservancy, this enterprising family will introduce environmentally-friendly packaging for all Le Vid products in order to reduce plastic pollution on the island.

We are happy to assist local residents such as Tania in adopting sustainable practices in Galapagos. We can all work together to preserve the archipelago’s unique biodiversity for future generations.

Tania Quisingo and her team.
Tania Quisingo and her team © Galápagos Conservancy