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Conservando Galápagos and UTPL

Conservando Galapagos and UTPL Join Efforts for the Conservation of Galápagos

Conservando Galapagos (the sister organization of Galapagos Conservancy) signed a cooperation agreement with Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, a private Ecuadorian university, in April. The agreement is designed to enhance education, research, social engagement, and collaboration in Galapagos by implementing joint projects, such as research and innovation, continuing educational courses, exchanges and mobility, technology transfers, internships and other future collaborative efforts.

Conservando Galapagos, the local branch of Galapagos Conservancy is committed to promoting and implementing activities for the sustainability and conservation of the Islands. UTPL, a leading university for innovation and sustainability aims to create an active and innovative educational model that translates directly into tangible results and a strong connection with the environment. This union is a significant step towards the sustainability of Archipelago.

The alliance between UTPL and Galapagos Conservancy will lead to a significant regional growth in research and education. Galapagos Conservancy, Conservando Galapagos and Conservando Galapagos have committed to enhancing education and professional development in the province. This will empower the locals who are the guardians of the terrestrial ecosystems and marine ecosystems that they depend on. The ability of the Islands to provide services and maintain their ecological integrity is dependent on research.

This agreement is a rare opportunity for Conservando Galapagos to work with UTPL on innovative solutions to environmental problems in Galapagos. The collaboration between Conservando Galapagos, the university and the foundation paves way for groundbreaking research. For example, the recent fungi studies that were funded by Conservando and conducted by UTPL. The two institutions will be able to leverage their complementary knowledge and resources, which will benefit Galapaguenos as well as the rest of the world, by joining forces.

Conservando Galapagos looks forward to working with UTPL faculty and students to enhance education and scientific research on Galapagos. By collaborating in this way, we are able to move closer to conservation and sustainability for these fragile and unique ecosystems.

Conservando Galápagos and UTPL
UTPL and Conservando Galápagos Team © Galápagos Conservancy