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Galápagos’ Unsung Conservation Hero: Novarino Castillo

Novarino Castillo

A man who is vital to the success and conservation of expeditions in the Galapagos Islands is often overlooked. Novarino Castillo is a Galapagos Conservancy porter. Castillo’s team carries vital supplies on the field for scientists and park rangers who are going to remote parts of the Islands. The supplies include food and water, medicines, […]

Celebrity Cruises Galápagos Fund Helps Renovate Galápagos National Park Plant Nursery

Galapagos flycatcher

Celebrity Cruises and Galapagos Conservancy have been working together since 2006 to protect and preserve these Islands. The Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Fund has collected over $1.5 Million in contributions by Celebrity Cruises and its guests. Galapagos Conservancy, as fund administrator, recently allocated resources for comprehensive maintenance and improvements to the plant nursery located on the […]

From Shutter to Sanctuary: Protecting Galápagos with Photography

Galapagos Iguana and tourist nature

The Galapagos Islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean, are an incredible natural wonder. They contain a wealth of life and biodiversity that is unmatched anywhere else on Earth. The Galapagos Islands are a photographer’s paradise. Diego Bermeo is a gifted photographer who lives permanently in the Islands. He understands how important it is […]

May 17th: Reflecting on Our Habits on World Recycling Day

World recycling

We celebrate World Recycling Day today, an ideal opportunity to remind ourselves about the importance of properly treating waste. The destruction of ecosystems caused by human waste has made it more important to protect them globally. Recycling is not just the responsibility of environmental groups and institutions. Each of us must commit to this important […]

Galápagos Conservancy’s Guide to Recycling for a Sustainable Future

flag UN

  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared the 17th of May 2005 as International Recycling Day. This day is meant to educate the public about environmental conservation, as well as about the importance of REUSING and RECYCLING. Galapagos Conservancy has been at the forefront in promoting sustainable practices. This article explores actionable […]

Conservando Galapagos and UTPL Join Efforts for the Conservation of Galápagos

Conservando Galápagos and UTPL

Conservando Galapagos (the sister organization of Galapagos Conservancy) signed a cooperation agreement with Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja, a private Ecuadorian university, in April. The agreement is designed to enhance education, research, social engagement, and collaboration in Galapagos by implementing joint projects, such as research and innovation, continuing educational courses, exchanges and mobility, technology transfers, […]