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galapagos to youth through dance

Promoting Care for Galápagos to Youth Through Dance and Art

Promote Galapagos Care to Youth through Dance and Art

A female entrepreneur in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island is living her dream to use art to inspire young Galapaguenos’ love for conservation. Jennifer Palma is a dancer who loves wildlife and has embarked on an exciting journey with the help of conservation grants from Galapagos Conservancy.

Jennifer was able to bring together a group eager to explore new artistic forms, and each student brought their own energy and talent. The “Galapagos Modern Dance Project” was born. It is a wonderful project that combines education and dance, teaching modern dance while focusing on conservation of the natural heritage.

These dance studios are currently used by 70 Santa Cruz youths who attend classes and rehearsals every day, from Monday through Friday. They have found joy and creativity in the dance studio. The students learn the modern and elegant movements of dance as well as the Galapagos Archipelago’s unique species.

Each choreography has been carefully designed to communicate a conservation message. Students move gracefully to evoke the majestic flight and serenity giant tortoises as well as the agility of the sea lions. Galapagos wildlife is celebrated in every step, leap and gesture.

Dance allows students to explore the rich biodiversity of the archipelago and connect emotionally with their surroundings. Dance is a powerful tool for education that goes beyond just movement. It teaches students the importance of protecting Galapagos’ natural wonders.

This project has a positive impact on the local community. It includes performances at local events. Students share their love of dance and environmental conservation, inspiring and raising awareness among those who see them dance.

A highlight of the program includes environmental education classes that incorporate painting and drawing. These activities teach them how to draw and paint images of different Galapagos species. They gain a better understanding of the natural world around them.

Galapagos Conservancy is proud to support initiatives which inspire youth to protect and love Galapagos rich biodiversity, while strengthening community ties. We invite the community to support and join this project that actively promotes conservation through artistic expression. Your support is vital to Jennifer and other local changemakers in protecting this natural heritage on a long-term basis for future generations.

galapagos to youth through dance
Jennifer at the enchanting performance by our youngest conservationists. © Galápagos Conservancy