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Giovanna Morales, WISE recipient, with local kids on Santa Cruz Island

Arts-based Inspiration for Conservation of the Vermillion Flycatcher

Santa Cruz Island youth are learning how to take care of one of the most iconic and striking birds in the Galapagos, the Vermilion flycatcher.

Giovanna Morales is a Galapagos native who has been leading this project since March 2022 when she was awarded one of Galapagos Conservancy’s Women in Sustainability Entrepreneurship Grants. Giovanna was taught art by her grandmother as a child. Giovanna now passes on her passion for art to children as a way of inspiring them about the world around us. She uses sculpture, architecture and painting, engraving, and drawing.

Giovanna instilled a love for the environment in her children by creating a school that uses the arts to teach them how to preserve the environment. We were able to benefit 60 children from Santa Cruz Island aged 3-12 years old through this project. Each workshop lasted 60 hours. Giovanna said that 16 art exhibits were also held to display the work of the children.

Talks with experts were held about the Vermilion Flycatcher, which is a threatened species. Drawing and sculpture were used to explore the Vermilion flycatcher. Giovanna says that children can learn about nature through art, which allows them to observe, value and analyze it. This helps motivate them to protect it.” The children’s artwork now shows how important it is for Vermilion flycatcher protection.

It is well-known that students can benefit from artistic activities to enrich and enhance their learning experience and increase their cognitive, affective and psychomotor development.

It is easier to connect with nature and raise awareness about our ecosystems’ importance for our well-being. Galapagos Conservancy proudly supports Giovanna’s work to preserve the Galapagos Islands.

Local kids participating in art initiative led by Giovanna Morales
Local kids participating in art initiative led by Giovanna Morales © Galápagos Conservancy